About Me


N. (Natasja) Rietveld, PhD


Natasja Rietveld, PhD (1973) graduated in 1996 in Social Work in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and in 2002 in Sociology and Applied Ethics at Tilburg University and the Radboud University. At December 16th 2009 she received a Doctorate in the Sociology at Tilburg University. She studied the perception of guilt and shame among almost 1.200 Dutch veterans of eleven Peace Operations. For this large Research Project (Dissertation) she worked for the Veterans Institute in collaboration of ACOM and Tilburg University. From January 2009 till June 2010 she continued at the Veterans Institute as Senior Interviewer. In a couple of years more than thousand veterans of all Dutch Military Missions were interviewed to build a Historical Archive (Interviewcollectie Nederlandse Veteranen). In June 2012 Natasja finished a two years postdoc-study (Multicultural attitudes of military employees) at the Netherlands Defence Academy (NLDA). In May 2013 she became Mother of a Beautiful Boy, Finn. In June 2014 she started a new Research Project, related to her Dissertation and based on her expertise in veterans mental health (systematic review of international literature). For this project the NLDA, the Netherlands Police Academy, the Veterans Institute and Foundation Waardering & Erkenning Politie (WEP) co-operated. Spring 2016 she started her current Job at Rotterdam University of Applied Studies, Department Human Resource Management (as coach and lecturer Research Skills), but not say farewell her Research Heart. In September 2021 she ended for the NLDA a Case Study about experiences of Traumatized veterans (Police and Military) with Equine Assisted Interventions. In February 2024 Natasja will finish her current Postdoc-project. In this project she examined experiences of Newly graduated nurses and Police professionals during their Transition to Practice. More information about this project:  Natasja Rietveld – Hogeschool Rotterdam

She is interested in topics like peace operations, veterans, military, police, moral dilemmas, guilt, shame, mental health, work-related mental health problems, Equine Assisted Interventions, sociology, social psychology, and philosophy.